Thursday, January 31, 2008

As Hard As I Can

Well, it's 1-31-2007, the first anniversary of the Ignignokt scare, and once again, I'm spending this time in NC. My prototype demo was completely unscrutinized by Logan security. I have heard (so far), "Wow, that's big!" and, "It's so complex..." It's mostly just a kludge.

Of course, it's got enough parts that it didn't really survive transit all that well. It worked before I packed it up on Tuesday night. Now, after two days, the hardware appears to work, but the FPGA is talking smack to its surrounding circuitry instead of the smooth and rhythmic cadence of jive. Oh, poor broken thing... bless it's heart.

I'll be here working over the weekend.

Also, if you have to change flights on US Airways, and the new flight happens to be cheaper, you will not get a travel voucher for the remaining difference. Which is lame, considering they'll charge you the full $130 change fee, regardless.

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